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Our Goals are based on a few important principles:  to be successful as coaches, teachers, and players.  You must believe in one’s self and persevere during hard times. Through understanding of what we are trying to do structurally, each person will have a better understanding of the “why” behind each technique, call, or decision. The following are essential ingredients of team success.

  • Family Orientation: Our team will work, practice, play and act as a unit. The success of our team depends on how well we practice, and play together.

  • First Class Performance: We will play the game with class. We will play aggressive basketball and display sportsmanship at all times. 

  • Play with Emotion: Basketball is meant to be fun. We play basketball, not work basketball. As players and coaches we should encourage, enjoy and get excited about our teammates successes as well as our own.

  • Respect: Respect yourself, teammates, coaches, opponents, and the program. Whatever you do carries your name and the program's name.


Roy McPipe

Tyree Lawrence

Quincy Christian

Anthony Adams

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